RSLI is the new home of “Ciudad de Valencia”, now “M/V Mary the Queen”. Built by Union Naval de Levante, the ship was fêted in Spain as venue of noteworthy festivities, hence, we have committed ourselves to continue its legacy in the Philippines shores.

After its arrival in the warm waters of the Philippines last March 2010, remodelling of the vessel was immediately undertaken to suitably meet the requirements of the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) and ultimately the Filipino people.


Furnished Cabins

  • Cabin C Class (Capacity – 680 passengers)
  • Deluxe Class (Capacity – 192 passengers)
  • Economy Class (Capacity – 692 passengers)


La Cafeteria

Satisfy your cravings in our full service mess hall. Enjoy from a variety of delectable local dishes that our on board chef has prepared to strengthen those sea legs. And did we mention that our food is unbelievably affordable?


Una Mas Bar

A cruise will not be a cruise without an onboard fiesta. Una Mas Bar provides live entertainment, excellent food, and refreshing drinks that keeps our guests up and dancing. A first rate facility that could cater up to 250 partying guests.



Consider this your reliable sari-sari store where all your necessities are available. Don’t worry about things you forgot to bring with you, because whatever it is, we have it covered.


Vehicle Deck

M/V Mary the Queen has one of the biggest ship vehicle decks in the country with its 55 vehicle capacity. Ro-ro services are known as the nautical highway system which serves as the vital tool in stimulating economic growth and social development for island provinces such as our destinations. Our business goal is not only to benefit from the patronage of our services, but also to provide the drive to progress.


VIP Lounge

Only accessible to the privileged guests, the VIP lounge boasts of a sophisticated ambiance from having the best cruising view in the ship to the services of an exclusive butler. With an amazing view of the bow of the ship, access to the adjacent VIP rooms, and bridge access, one would definitely feel like a royalty especially after knowing the M/V Mary the Queen’s (formerly Ciudad de Valencia) exquisite history.