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Odiongan is the largest town in Tablas Island, Province of Romblon. Known as the development gateway, Odiongan was ones a home to a mix of indigenous tribes from nearby provinces. Blessed with fertile lands and seas, industrious inhabitants became very productive to the point that they became targets of Pirates in the early years. Later on, traders from Luzon settled in this humble and thriving land because they saw opportunity in the productive lands but especially when high quality marbles were found to be abundant in the island. Now, with both air and sea ports, Odiongan is regarded as the centre of commerce and education in the province.

Mother Nature has blessed Odiongan with natural wonders such as several caves and waterfalls. To be found in Barangay Pato-o, Mainit Falls is a three-tiered falls that feeds a pool where nature lovers can immerse themselves in its cool clean waters. Another waterfall is found in Barangay Progreso Este known as Garing Falls. This grandiose waterfall feeds two (2) lakes with one having a depth of almost 6 meters. Sigcop Cave is also found in Progreso Este. The grandest of the waterfalls found in Odiongan is the Busay Falls, or simply known as Tuburan Falls because it is found in Barangay Tuburan. With seven (7) major and minor waterfalls and limestone caves, Tuburan falls is not only majestic but also mystical, because the locals believe that the nearby cave show the way to “Cayatong” or land of the fairies.

Odiongan also boasts of tropical beaches with long stretches of fine sand and turquoise waters. Poctoy Beach is popular not only because of its proximity from Odiongan proper, but mainly because it has the best sunset view in Odiongan through its wide shoreline and crystal clear waters. Less than an hour away from Odiongan, is an equally beautiful beach known as Gabawan. With the longest coastline in the municipality, the beach is ideal for large group day trips and water sports.