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Cajidiocan is situated in Sibuyan Island, one of the four municipalities in the province of Romblon. Cajidiocan was derived from “Jidioc”, the native palm tree found all over the island.

West of Cajidiocan is where Mt. Guiting-guiting is found. With a name that literally translates to “Jagged”, posts as an exceptionally challenging peak to mountaineers of the country, with its highest peak at 2,058 meters. Due to the mountains’ undulating terrain, numerous waterfalls can be seen in the island and one that goes through Cajidiocan is Cawa-cawa falls, which feeds Cawa-cawa river, home of the native shrimp known to locals as “Uyang”.

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Also found in Cajidiocan are a few caves awaiting bold explorers and nature lovers. From an eight-hour trek to the mystique Kapitan Berio Cave in Barangay Cambajao to an across the river swim to Catingas River Cave in Barangay Lumbang, Weste, adventurers will certainly be feeding their habit in these diverse town east of Sibuyan Island.

Mt Guiting Guiting
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